About us


Vipzy is a revolutionary way for artists of all kinds to broadcast themselves with a view of getting work and interacting with fans, for absolutely free.

You will get instant access to jobs, competitions, news, events, artists, businesses and fans. Vipzy’s goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to successfully build your online presence and launch your professional career.

Whether you are a new model or established singer, Vipzy realises how expensive and difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind the Vipzy team are continuously researching and developing the site so that we can make it easier for you to get that big break!


To become the primary online source for anyone wishing to access information relating to artists, show business and entertainment.


To create a single platform to broadcast and promote talent, professional services and opportunities for collaboration.

So what’s the deal?

  • Artists

    With over 80 artistic categories ranging from acrobats and actors, to singers and photographers Vipzy has something for everyone.

    Build a profile to showcase your work by uploading a profile picture, personal description, photos, videos, audio, experience and more. You can add posts on your page that will be seen by all your followers and can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is also the function to create Events, sell merchandise in your Shop and post and apply for Jobs. Users can send direct messages to each other via the Messages tab.

    Sign up today if you are an artist who is…

    • Looking for that big break
    • Looking to promote yourself for free
    • Looking to connect with key people in your industry
    • Wanting to gain new fans
    • Looking to keep your fans updated with latest news and events
    • Wanting one site for professional and social networking
    • Looking to exchange ideas and collaborate with other artists and companies
    • Looking to get discovered by potentially winning the title of ‘Talent of the Month’ in our monthly newsletter

  • Companies

    There are over 16 categories of companies ranging from nightclubs to restaurants, wedding planners to film production.

    Businesses start by registering as a Company and uploading a profile picture / logo. You can then start promoting yourself and gaining fans by posting jobs and competitions, adding merchandise to your Shop, and upcoming events.

    Register today if you are a company that…

    • Wants to promote your business for free
    • Is looking to employ or hire artists on a short term or long term basis
    • Needs specific talent for upcoming events or to add to your portfolio
    • Wants to reach hundreds of quality artists all in one place
    • Wants to create job listings or auditions positioned within the site and on the homepage
    • Is looking to run a targeted advertising campaign seen by hundreds of quality artists

  • Fans

    If you are looking for all the latest information on your favourite artist then look no further. Create a Fan profile today and start delving into the world of Vipzy where hundreds of artists, including your favourite acts, are posting new things daily! You will have instant access to the latest content posted by all the artists you follow including their news, photos, videos, audio, new events and merchandise. All this plus you can interact with other fans so be sure to tell your friends!

    Sign up today as a fan if you…

    • Want the latest information on your favourite artists (and be the first of your friends to share it on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ with the new Share button!)
    • Love all things to do with the arts and want to discover new fresh acts
    • Want to connect with other fans with similar interests
    • Love to win competitions
    • Are considering a future in the arts and may want to apply for listed jobs

Looking to advertise on Vipzy?

With Vipzy’s targeted advertising solution, we can help you reach the perfect audience whilst keeping within your budget.

Advertisers can directly create and publish adverts, guided by clear instructions, with the ability to target specific Vipzy users. This means that your advertising spend will be much more effective and you will get a better response to your ad.

Your advert will be positioned in a premium spot on the site with the combination of graphics and text / hyperlinks.

For more information on advertising on Vipzy go to the Advertise page.